Interesting new systems are being tested for speedier check-ins and more secure passenger verification at airports around the world. Self-boarding gates may be used in the not too distant future. George Morse, staff writer for AAA Horizons, New Haven, October 2014 issue, reports, “This kind of technology was actually tested at one of London Heathrow Airport’s five terminals early last year. The system, in place for two months through a partnership with South African Airways, was aimed at using biometric data to help passengers board flights more efficiently,”

Faster Airport Check-in Systems

according to a news release issued in February 2013. Back in November of 2010, a staff reporter for The Daily Mail wrote that “eye scanners, hi-tech machines which recognize an individual’s iris, will be installed at the Manchester Airport (UK) airport at the check-in point, as part of the government-backed pilot. The technology has the potential to overhaul security and customs, with airport managers hoping it will help in the fight against terrorism.”

George Morse reports, “At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, passengers can pass through a boarding gate by tapping a near-field-communication-enabled smartphone – even if it’s off. Near-field communication enables smartphones and other devices to communicate wirelessly at short distances.” Luggage tags that emit a radio frequency can check in with a smartphone at Australia’s Qantas Airlines, while something called “positive boarding” is aimed at assisting passengers at Heathrow.

When tickets are scanned, information comes back that relates gate status and accurate departure times. This has been adopted by Virgin Atlantic in the UK and kept 700 passengers headed in the right direction. “In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration has a smartphone app designed to help passengers navigate security. It’s free, and travelers can use it to learn which items aren’t allowed onboard and other information such as TSA Pre-Check locations. In Montreal, travelers departing on domestic and international flights (except those bound for the United States) can make reservations to pass through security using SecurXpress. Simply enter your phone number, flight number, number of travelers (five is the limit) and your name, and you will receive a reserved time” reports George Morse of AAA Horizons in New Haven.

Bradley Airport Security

Entry through U.S. Customs and border patrol has become easier. Before you depart on your next international flight, check out a program called “Trusted Traveler” The program is aimed at clearing low at-risk travelers who expedite their return by going to a special kiosk when they arrive in the U.S. Since the launch of this program in 2008, over one million people have enrolled in this program. Read more about other global initiatives for U.S. citizens, click here.

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New systems helping reduce hassle of getting to your gate
George Morse, staff writer for AAA Horizons.
Published: June 24, 2014

Eye scanners go on trial at Manchester Airport check–in
Published: November 17, 2010