Abundant Parking Options Make Flying from Bradley Airport a Cinch

By Kim Knox Beckius

Roncari Valet Parking at Bradley AirportIn my experience, Hartford’s Bradley International Airport is one of the easiest airports to navigate. Abundant parking options are one reason that flying from Bradley Airport is a cinch. Here are my picks for the best valet parking and self-park options near Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

1. Roncari Express Valet Parking

When I flew for business more frequently, I used to always track which shuttle was the first to arrive while I was standing outside baggage claim anxious to get home. It was always Roncari, so now Roncari is my first choice for airport valet parking service. Roncari’s location–less than a mile from Bradley Airport–makes it one of the most efficient parking operators, and I’ve never been disappointed by their service. 860-627-8201/800-555-6540

Roncari Valet Parking responds:

Thanks Kim, for your helpful review.  In addition to the factors you mentioned, there are other compelling reasons to choose Roncari Valet Parking.

Did you know…

  1.  From the moment you drive to our drop-off area, our staff has an eye on your car.

There are 52 closed circuit cameras watching your car 24 hours a day.  Your car will be safe and secure every minute it is with us.

  1. We have a lot security guard who monitors how your car is driven and parked.

We enforce a strict 15 mph speed limit in our parking lot. Each vehicle is parked exactly 3 inches from a yellow guide line to assure adequate door clearance to protect your car and the car parked adjacent to it.

  1. During winter months, we clear snow off your car and warm up your car when you return.

Now, they don’t do that everywhere else.

  1. Your keys are kept in a secure key room with a full-time staff member who makes sure that the computer ID matches the one we attach to your car keys.
  2. Roncari offers a FREE, $5,000 Accidental Death Benefit Insurance Policy for our customers. This policy stays in effect a full 14 days after you drop off your vehicle at Roncari (even if you return the same day).

This is a first in the travel industry.

  1.  Roncari Valet has a Touch N Go mobile app. With just 3 clicks on your cell phone,  go directly from the shuttle bus to your car and your receipt is emailed to you.

We know you have parking options.  That’s why we work as hard as we do to earn and keep your business.

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