Best valet parking Bradley Airport, Roncari parking rules, Roncari has strict parking protocol.

From the moment you drive into Roncari Valet Parking, our employees care for your car according to stringent guidelines. Car Parking Attendants have been fully trained in all aspects of handling your car.

After a Roncari car attendant tags your keys and hands you a receipt, your car waits in line for an attendant to come and drive it to an empty space. Most of our clients don’t realize that Roncari’s step- by-step process is strictly enforced. There are rewards for compliance and consequences for failure.

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Your car attendant is trained to park your car in a highly regulated manner. Roncari has lot security guards who use radar guns to monitor the speed your car is driven. Attendants who drive over 15mph lose their job! They also oversee strict parking rules. These rules are in place to protect your car.

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One of the most important strictures is the “Yellow Line Rule.” Our attendants must park your car within 4 inches of the yellow line on the driver’s side. The attendant must put down your driver’s side window and look out to make sure they do this correctly. This method supplants using the side view mirror. It insures that your car and every other customer’s car will be protected. This is a critical rule. The attendant can be penalized 50 cents if they don’t do this correctly. “Tough love”, but your car is safely parked. See photos.

Car attendants are paid an incentive of 9 cents to park each car properly. This parking regimen happens approximately 750.000 times a year. Wherever your travel plans take you is your business, but at Roncari, parking and protecting your vehicle, while you are away, is our business. Parking is serious business at Roncari Valet Parking.