Bradley International Airport has a storied history going back to 1940. It has served both military and civilian travelers as one of the busiest airports in New England. Unfortunately, for part of that history, Bradley International Airport wasn’t always considered the best airport around–in fact it was often overlooked, and travelers may have chosen other regional airports or would have flown into another larger city to avoid going to this hub. Things have changed, and they changed quickly. Over the past few years, Bradley has gained a reputation as one of the “best of the best” to fly into and out of anywhere in the United States. So, how did this dramatic shift in opinion occur?

Popular Bars, Restaurants, and Accommodations

The beginning of the shift from a “typical” airport to a top tier one occurred in 2013 when the Connecticut Airport Authority took over operations of Bradley from the Connecticut Department of Transportation. While the changes didn’t happen overnight, it may have seemed like it to the casual traveler, as things began improving almost immediately. The Connecticut Airport Authority decided to make a number of changes in a short amount of time to make the airport more appealing to business and pleasure travelers. These changes include bringing in “Two Roads Brewing Company” a popular bar, additional restaurants, and plenty of conveniences like free Wi-Fi and charging stations. Customer service and overall friendliness in the airport improved dramatically too. Additionally, expanded parking at Bradley Airport makes for an easier travel day. With these changes, Bradley was rated Number Three in the United States by readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. That was a huge jump in a short period of time for an airport that many never thought would be ranked highly for anything positive.

Adding a Ground Transportation Center

While Bradley International is already an incredible place to visit, there are more changes to come. In the next year or two, Bradley International Airport is planning to add a centralized ground transportation center that will house the rental car facilities. In addition, an indoor walkway that provides access to major railways will be added. With this, travelers will not need to take a shuttle bus to the train or rental car center. Instead, everything is located within a convenient indoor walk of the main airport. These changes will make a big difference for business travelers who may immediately go from airplane to rental car or for those people who need to quickly get to a meeting from their flight. Even the casual traveler will see improvements as there will no longer need to be a huge drawn out walk or shuttle ride after a long flight.

Multiple On-Site Parking Areas

One of the major upgrades, mentioned above, was the addition of multiple on-site parking areas to Bradley International Airport. However, until the ground transportation center project is completed, and everything is running smoothly, it is vital that travelers still plan for Bradley Airport parking before flying in or out of the facility. For many, the best place to park at Bradley Airport is off-site using one of the affordable valet services.

Roncari Valet is a family-owned valet company that has serviced Bradley since 1995. They offer the closest valet parking to Bradley of any lot and have affordable rates too. Plus, you’ll find additional services such as full-service car cleaning–making them easily the best off-site option for Bradley Airport.

What is interesting about the success and popularity of Bradley International Airport is that it has achieved its high ranking among surveys while being such a busy and popular airport for travel. It is the busiest airport in Connecticut and the second busiest in New England. BIA flies to many hubs within the United States and has direct flights to international locations too, specifically to Europe. Its high level of success in addition to the huge amount of business it does is just a testament to the great management that has been in place since the Connecticut Airport Authority took over operations just a few years prior. As you can see, Bradley International Airport is a hub that is staying in touch with the needs of modern travelers, while still staying true to its historical roots. It only makes sense that it is receiving so much admiration for being an incredible aviation facility. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Bradley.